My Fave Amazon Purchases

My Fave Amazon Purchases

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I recently asked someone, "Could you imagine what life would be like without Amazon?" To which the person looked at me like I was a crazy millenial and responded with "yes, it wasn't that long ago that life was moving along just fine without it". 

TRUE . . . BUT

How fricken great is Amazon , and more specifically, Amazon prime? It is now my go-to site for almost everything. I'm guilty of finding an item I like in a retail store, only to look it up on Amazon, find it for cheaper, order it, and have it on my doorstep by the next day. 

I personally love when bloggers I follow post their favorite Amazon purchases, so I thought I would do the same. These are 16 (my favorite number) of my favorite products I have purchased from the site that I use on a daily basis. Have fun explorin' & shoppin' ! 

The best pens EVER. I purchased these last year and people have legitimately asked if they could keep them, my mom has taken some to work, and they've been dispersed everywhere so I had to buy some more! 

Anthropologie literally has the exact same pens - a set of 2 - one gold and one rose gold for $14 on their site. Amazon has the exact same ones in a pack of 12 - 6 rose gold and 6 gold - for $15.99!!

Find them HERE

I am super guilty of staying up late staring at screens. I'm usually staring at my laptop or cell phone past 10 pm. My dietician actually recommend these glasses to me. They block out the blue light which helps reduce headaches, allows you to fall asleep faster, and essentially fall into a deeper sleep. Blue light past 8pm is just bad for our eyes and brain! 

These glasses are light weight, super cute, and cheap! I love the turtle color and they are only $12! They have been a life saver allowing me to continue my late night screen addiction. 

Find them HERE

I am a blanket hoarder. My mother rolls her eyes every time I come home with a new cozy furry blanket. Finding a place to keep them has been a challenge, until I found this super cute and practical blanket ladder. 

I've always loved the idea of a blanket ladder, but every one I've seen has been rustic wood looking and out of my price range. I loved the simplicity of this white steel one and its a bargain for only $50! It was super easy to assemble... I did it all by myself in 10 minutes. The top wood bar is my favorite and matches my bedroom aesthetic perfectly. I currently have 5 heavy blankets on it and it's doin' just fine. I think I can fit about two more! 

Purchase it HERE 

Life's short... buy the shoes! Limited space should never be a reason to keep you from purchasing your new favorite pair of shoes. No matter what the men in your life say, you can NEVER have too many shoes or heels. 

But I get it, you DO need a place to keep all of them without them getting thrashed or thrown around. I was having the same dilemma, until I found this awesome product on Amazon. This shoe rack may not be the prettiest thing ever, but it holds a ton of shoes and is really inexpensive. Every pretty shoe rack that held more than 20 pairs of shoes was way too expensive for my budget. 

This shoe rack says it hold 50 pairs of shoes, but I have a lot more on their currently. It's all in how you position them and I do have a lot of sandals that you can fit a good amount of on one shelf. This purchase may be enabling my shoe shopping addiction, but I'm not mad about it. 

Purchase it HERE


This might seem like a random purchase that you might write off in your head as something you don't need. But let me tell you, that you do. This has been the best bathroom purchase ever! These gold double sided hooks make it so easy to take your inner shower lining off and on. We all know how gross they can get and fast. When it's time to replace it, you have to take off your entire shower curtain as well. 

Or if you are in the market to buy a new shower curtain, you don't have to take off the shower lining with it. Just pop off the curtain on one side to add the new one without even moving the lining. 

Take away the unnecessary pain in the butt task and make it easy with these hooks! And they are the prettiest gold color. 

Find them HERE


Imagine waking up in the early morning, feeling the brisk chilly winter air, and with a click of a button you are able to have your room nice & toasty before even taking the covers off. Sounds nice right?

This awesome space heater has allowed me to do just that. From November-March I am running this baby non stop. It has great settings allowing you to pick the temperature you want, a timer, and if you want it to oscillate or not. You can control all of this at a click of a button with the remote it comes with. Let me tell you, that remote lives by my bed. In college, my bedroom was always cold and I would wake up in the middle of the night turn this on and set it for one hour knowing I could fall back asleep because it would shut off on it's own. 

I did extensive research before deciding on this one. The best part.... It's only $62!

Purchase it HERE


This vanity mirror has been such a great edition to my on-the-go life! When I was job hunting, I was driving down to LA a lot for interviews. I would bring my make-up along with this light up vanity mirror and do my make-up in the car so it looked fresh right before my interviews. It has two different magnifying options and the touch screen light is an awesome edition as well. 

It comes in this pretty rose gold color, black, and white. 

Find it HERE 

A blogger I follow, Sivan Ayla Richards, actually recommended this chapstick. She described it by stating if she was ever on a deserted island and could only bring three items, this chapstick would be one of them. So obviously I had to try it. 

The consistency of this chapstick was new for me, but it definitely grew on me. So I think its something you need to try a couple of times before writing it off. It's extremely moisturizing and I don't feel like I have to reapply it within 30 minutes like I do with most other chapsticks, which I appreciate. It is on the pricer side in the chapstick world, but I think it's worth it. It has now become one of my purse staples. You can also find it in a balm form if you aren't a fan of liquid chapsticks. 

Find the liquid version (what I use) HERE

Find the balm version HERE


I just purchased the prettiest rose gold luggage set from CalPak (I actually purchased it off of Nordstrom's site instead of CalPak's so I could get points and free shipping) and I was fearful of the color getting scratched or damaged. So I looked into luggage protectors and came across these ones!

They fit over my suitcases perfectly and keep it from getting super scratched and allowing me to enjoy the rose gold color for a lot longer than I could without them. And when you invest money into luggage, buying these cheap covers allowing them to last longer seems like a no brainer! 

Purchase them HERE

Since we're on the topic of travel, I wanna share these packing cubes. Bloggers were always talking about the necessity of packing cubes and I thought they were crazy. But I came across these ones and they had great reviews, cute color options, and affordable price point. I really like the variety of bag sizes it comes with. I can fit two pairs of shoes in the shoe bag and the clear bags are perfect for bathroom stuff for your carry-on. 

I can't wait to give these a try for my upcoming trip in November. 

Purchase them HERE


I purchased this mid sized backpack when I was planning a trip to Disneyland. I wanted something on the smaller side, with water resistant material, and LOTS of compartments. Compartments are the best thing ever, I get so excited as to what will go in each one (can you relate?). 

The best part is how many fun colors it comes in and it's under $20!

This backpack has been great. It has lasted through two trips to Disneyland and I love to throw it in my suitcase when I'm going somewhere in case I have lots of souvenirs to bring home. It holds a lot and is super light weight. Such a great and practical buy and I love that it resembles a knock off of the popular Kipling backpack brand. 

Purchase it HERE

There are a million different travel neck pillows out there, I get it. But this one is a game changer. Everyone on the plane was jealous of my comfy pillow that allowed me to sleep in a number of positions as it supported my head. If you are going on a trip anytime soon whether its on a plane or road trip, you need this on your neck ASAP. 

Find it HERE


This is by far my favorite book ever. It is completely different than the movie, so if for some weird reason you didn't like the movie (i'll try not to judge) don't write off this book. I have read it three times and it's what fueled my fire to travel. It helped me over my one and only heartbreak, and it allowed me to look at my life in a different perspective. Anyone going through a hard time, heartbreak, or about to travel... I recommend Eat, Pray, Love. 

Purchase it HERE


Trader Joes is hands down my favorite grocery store. In all honesty, it goes in the same category of importance as Amazon. Amazon and Trader Joe's are both essentials in my life. 

Even though this cookbook says "College Cookbook" it should be titled "For Anyone Who Hates Cooking" cookbook or "Simplistic Recipes For Anyone and Everyone". Basically, you need it in your recipe book collection. 

If you know someone about to start college or want to put together a care package for someone in college for the holidays, this would make a perfect gift! It definitely helped me out and I think its existence should be known to the world.

Purchase it HERE 

My mom purchased this for me as a Christmas present because she knows how much I love making charcuterie boards for when guests come over or as a Thanksgiving appetizer while we wait for the turkey to cook. 

This is the Queen of all charcuterie boards. I love when momma knows me best and scores with a practical and fun gift. Its a gift that keeps on giving because duh, I make really good cheese and meat platters. 

Purchase it HERE


For those of you who have iPhones, you know that it's possible to take amazing pics without the need of a big professional camera. If you have a tripod and need a phone mount to stick your iPhone onto, this is the one. 

It's cheap, comes in different colors, and has a remote! I was taking a lot of my Poshmark pictures with it. It's not something I use everyday, but it has come in handy a few times! And it could be useful for people traveling solo or who are into taking pics! 

Find it HERE


Let me know if you found this blog post useful. Have some great product recommendations as well? I'd love to hear about them! If you purchased any of the products and fell in love as much as I did, tell me about it. 

(This post is not sponsored and is 100% my real recommendations)


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