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Let's be real. Donuts are actually fried little angel halos fallen straight from heaven. I like to consider myself an amateur donut connoisseur. When you find the best donut shop that meets all your wildest, creative, and flavorful donut needs, you visit that holy place (literally and figuratively) as much as possible. 

That holy place is San Luis's finest- SLODOCO, my friends. 


(Also, is it Donut or Doughnut? 8th mystery of the world. Im choosing one and stickin' to it)

My very first SloDoCo donut, the infamous donut that had me hooked the second I sinked my teeth into its doughy goodness, was the Nutella pillow. A large square "pillow" shaped donut filled with Nutella - the chocolate hazelnut crack that Europeans, kids, and myself are crazy for. It is sinfully good. Little did I know that one day I'd be crediting a big portion of my college degree to this place. They got me through some rough study sessions and early morning classes! 


Perks of SloDoCo:

  • Open 24 hours/7 days a week
  • Constantly changing their menu and inventing out of the box flavors  
  • Friendly staff
  • Create your own flavor contest
  • Great community involvement
  • Did I say open 24 hours?

Do you know how to determine if a donut shop is truly a shop worth revisiting? By ordering their classic glazed. It's like trying an Italian restaurant for the first time, how do you judge their authenticity? By ordering spaghetti and meatballs and a tiramisu, of course.  

If you have a soft, chewy, perfectly glazed donut that doesn't taste hours old or the glaze starts to crumble off... you have passed the authentic donut shop test. SloDoCo's glazed donuts might possibly be my favorite, amid all the fancy unique flavors. 

My other, noteworthy favorite flavors that are always around:

  • Chocolate chip pillow
  • Chai cream cheese pillow
  • Pumpkin pie pillow
  • Devils food cake with chocolate chips

Favorite seasonal flavors:

  • Anything with pumpkin/pumpkin spice
  • Hot coco 
  • Doffles (Donut & Waffle)
  • Rosé 
  • Piña Colada

I was so excited to do this post on my favorite donut shop, that I wanted to do it justice by thinking outside the box and embracing fun! It is summer time, the beach is 10 minutes away, and whats better than donuts and beaches? Scroll down to see my fun & summer themed donut photoshoot at Avila Beach, CA. 

Whether it's 10 am on a Sunday after church, 1 in the afternoon during your Wednesday lunch break, or 3 am after a night on the dance floor.... there's always time for donuts. 

Just do your tastebuds a flavor by choosing SloDoCo the next time you find yourself cravin' a fried little halo. 



Jamie Rae 



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