Located in Downtown San Luis Obispo, CA

At Seeds, we strive to sync our goals and priorities with those of our customers by providing unique products and meals that not only wake up taste buds and brighten days, but are healthy and locally sourced as well.

Acai bowls, smoothies, and juices, oh my! Seeds not only has a special place in my heart, but my stomach as well. With a slogan like "Nuture the Human" how could you expect anything less than healthy and delicious? 

Seeds delivers exceptionally tasty beverages, bowls, and as of recently, toasts and paninis. What I appreciate most about this downtown hole in the wall is how they prioritize locally sourced products. 

My favorite menu items include:

  • Chia pudding (ask for a bit of Nutella) - chia soaked in coconut milk which creates the pudding topped with granola, your choice of fruit, and other options like honey, agave, coconut, almonds, etc. Super filling, good for you, and tasty! 
  • Toast 7 - squaw bred, blueberry chia spread, burrata cheese, honey, arugula, and roasted pepita seeds
  • Smoothie 4 - Almond milk, matcha, spinach, banana, agave, coconut (don't judge me but I ask for no matcha) & 7 - coconut water, banana, pineapple, pitaya, coconut, flax seed.

Seeds is unique, modern, and fresh. Staying up to date with the trends they not only have the best Instagram worthy backdrop, but they are serving FROZÉ now.


So very 2018 of them. 

If you aren't super hip and with it, you might be thinking "what the hell is frozé?" Well, its the new and trendy drink millennials just can't get enough of. Frozen rosé folks. It's cool, refreshing, alcoholic, and delicious.

Seeds takes it to a whole other level though. With 4 different flavored frozé's to try! My personal fave was Frozé #2 - rose, pineapple, & agave


Feeling' boozy but not into Rosé? Fear not, Seeds also offers different flavored mimosas as well!

Don't be afraid to try the activated charcoal and lavender flavor. It exceeded my expectations and honestly, immediate judgements. Black mimosas can seem a bit intimidating, but it delivers. 


Do you ever get those days where your gut is telling you, more like screaming at you, to stop feeding it foods that are hard to digest? Meaning, super processed that will have you feeling bloated for what feels like 10 years, down a spiraling hole of self loathing, which inevitably leads you to choosing more processed & sugary foods because it gives you immediate satisfaction? 

Yes, I got extremely personal there. If you can't relate, then you are goals and my gut is extremely jealous. If you can relate, let me enlighten you that your gut is actually screaming at you to go to Seeds. Seeds is everything your gut, tastebuds, and heart needs. 

Did I mention they also sell Pressed Juicery juices? If you are goals and are strong enough for a juice cleanse, then they have you covered. I admit defeat the second I even think about going on a juice cleanse.

Girl needs her carbs. 

But, it's nice to know that Seeds provides the option! 

Next time you are in downtown SLO scratchin' your head trying to figure out where to eat for breakfast or lunch, remember SEEDS. They have flavors and options for every tastebud! Tell them your friend, Jamie sent ya! 



Jamie Rae

Post Grad Blues

Post Grad Blues