The Vegas Guide

The Vegas Guide

I knew I wanted to write a post for you guys on my recent trip to Las Vegas, but I was a bit torn on the direction I wanted to take. Should it be a post solely on recommendations and things to do? Or my own personal Vegas experience and all the craziness that occurred in sin city? So, I've decided to break it up into two posts. Once you're done reading this responsible and ever-so-thoughtful post feel free to continue on to the unfiltered and slightly questionable post (authentic and keeping it real my friends) after. 

If you are anything like me: In bed by 10 p.m., cringe at techno club music, 2 drinks/week max, partier is the last word used to describe you, and enjoy a great night sleep, you may assume Vegas is your ultimate hell. This was my original assumption and let me tell you, Vegas has the ability to find the best in all of us. If Jamie Rae Foxen can have the best weekend of her life in Vegas, then so can you friends. If you are planning a trip to Vegas, fuck yeah. You are going to have a blast! Let me help make the details and planning a bit easier for you... 

The Recommendations


I planned this trip months in advance, back in January. I knew the earlier you book a trip the cheaper it can be, and damn did I score on hotel prices. I called around and did my research, knowing I'd have a number of girls with me I wanted to find a hotel room that had more than one bathroom. Trying to get more than two girls ready for Vegas in one bathroom could potentially be catastrophic to both hotel room and friendships. 

The Signature at MGM Grand offered the most space/amenities for the best price. Two hotel suites with a joining foyer that included 2 king beds, 2 pull out couches, 3 bathrooms, a full kitchen and second smaller kitchen, living room, and balcony overlooking the strip all for $240/person for the entire two nights for 4 people. When I tried calling to compare prices in March, the suite setup was already triple the price I reserved it for. Score for not procrastinating. 


We all know the diverse range of things Vegas is known for, but lets not leave out food. YOUR GIRL GOTTA EAT. You bet I researched restaurants like it was my damn full-time job. I was looking for places that had classy ambiance, decent price point (for Vegas standards), and great reviews.

Night 1

tempImageForSave 2.JPG

I narrowed it down to spending my birthday dinner Friday night at the new Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen  at Caesar's Palace because filet mignon that doesn't cost $60, mac n cheese, and sticky toffee pudding. I called a week before to make reservations and was lucky to snag the last spot at 9:45, so be sure to call in advance! Yes, yes, and yes to this restaurant. The environment was upscale, lively, entertaining, with killer views of the strip. 

My Perfect Order:

Most refreshing AF Mojito

Filet Mignon that was nothing less than perfection

Smoked gouda and crispy prosciutto Mac N Cheese that made dreams come true

And that fricken sticky toffee pudding with speculoos ice cream that Gordon Ramsay is known for

tempImageForSave 3.JPG

Yes, somehow I still squeezed into a skin tight dress after this meal. #noshame

Late night/early morning (depending how hard you party) Snack:

Vegas Taco Bell Cantina- Home of the two story Taco Bell equipped with an upstairs bar, outdoor patio, and lots of alcohol. This place was like the food club after the club. Loud music, partiers on the strip, and twisted alcoholic Freeze's. My drunk ass enjoyed a beef quesarito and Baja Blast Freeze with Tequila (you could also mix it with Sky Vodka, Jack Daniels, or Bacardi Rum.) They also have beer! 

Night 2

By this time we were ready for some authentic Mexican food. I was told that Javier's, inside the Aria hotel, was the place to go and my research confirmed those personal recommendations. The vibe of this restaurant was sexy, classy, and a bit moody. My graphic tee, skort, and heels was the perfect outfit choice without feeling too dressed up or down. I unfortunately, was regretting my day drinking and pool partying decisions and opted to eat only a chicken taco and spanish rice. My mom and friend's meals looked amazing and everyone was beyond happy with their dinner. My mom said the $18 margarita was worth every penny. Hence why she ordered two... you go mom. #livingherbestlife #inVegas 


Honorable Mentions (Basically, places that were on my list but failed to get to so put them on yours) 


Promoters are your friends! Talk to them, take advantage of them, and hit them up. They are there to help and make your experience enjoyable (and fingers crossed, cheaper ladies). Dress to impress because they take notice and slide you into those free bottle service tables. 


Located at Caesar's Palace. Calvin Harris Dj's here on Friday nights and it can get packed real fast! In order to save money buy tickets ahead of time here. This was such a fun club! We even got to dance on stage with Calvin (more on that in the second post). 

Encore Beach Club 

Hosted by Wynn nightlife at the Encore Tower Hotel. BEST. POOL. PARTY. EVER. Skip and forget the overrated Wet Republic pool party and come straight here. No questions asked. Alesso was the guest DJ and he did not disappoint! 


Located inside MGM Grand, this place is massive. It was such a great time and the bottle service areas are really large and in great proximity to the performers stage. Zedd performed Saturday night and had us dancing all. night. long. 

Lastly, I recommend flying. You can fly with Allegiant out of Santa Maria for fairly cheap. And If you did me proud and experienced the full potential Vegas has to offer, you will agree that flying is worth every penny when it comes time to leave. The last fricken thing you want to do is sit in a hot car, stuck in traffic, hungover with no where to pull over and pee for hours. Be boujee babe and fly yo ass home! 


Jamie Rae




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