SLOCO Massage & Wellness Spa

SLOCO Massage & Wellness Spa


A one stop spa for all your pampering needs, keeping your health and wellness in mind. Located in San Luis Obispo, CA. 

Meet Natasha and Ryan


Entrepreneurial go-getters and dynamic duo Natasha Prybyla and Ryan Heath are the owners and co-founders of SLOCO Massage & Wellness Spa. They created this wonderful spa retreat with their community and customers in mind. 

"Our mission is to provide personalized spa services with a therapeutic approach and a great customer service experience. We try to educate our guests on the importance of preventative care and non-toxic products. We teach people to value themselves by understanding the ripple effect that de-stressing has on their entire lives."

They originally opened SLOCO when they discovered their ideals, priorities, and health practices were not in line with other spas in the area. They found a need to provide services that feed your health, mindfulness, and wellness in the most unique ways. You can enjoy massages, facials, waxing, and infrared sauna treatments with many different options to customize and enhance your experience. 

The custom massage is by far their most popular! Customers love being able to personalize their session by picking different treatment enhancements to add on to their massage. I recommend adding on the CBD treatments which has been a popular choice among SLOCO's clientele. It aids in reducing pain and inflammation in muscle joints. I personally enjoyed the Arnica pain relief add on. The steam towel treatment worked wonders on my stubborn tense neck and shoulder knots! 

The Infrared Sauna was a new addition this 2018 year! I never knew I needed this box of healing heat, until I soaked it all in! This is definitely a luxury treatment you have to spoil yourself with. I never felt overheated or too sweaty, you can change the color of the lights (each light having different healing affects), listen to calming music, and completely unwind in this amazing sauna. They have many different Infrared Sauna treatments to choose from including age defying, relaxation, and weight loss to name a few. Look forward to the cool and minty towel to freshen up with after your session!

Another great perk about stepping in the door at SLOCO Massage & Wellness Spa is all the awesome wellness products they sell in their lobby. They partner with many other like-minded businesses like Whalebird Kombucha and Wei of Chocolate, a delicious vegan chocolate brand that not only satisfies your sweet cravings, but your health and wellness also. 

When I asked Natasha what her favorite part about owning a business on the Central Coast was she replied with, "We love the mix of guests we have in the spa... Everyone from tourists to students, stay at home moms to entrepreneurs!" The care and appreciation Natasha and Ryan have for their customers is apparent and comforting.

What keeps me a loyal customer is how they're always catering to their customers needs. The SLOCO team greets you with a smile, something to drink, and a great music playlist selection for your massage experience. Try the coconut water as soon as you walk in the door and right before you leave, IT'S DELICIOUS. They want you to leave feeling unwound, refreshed, and rejuvenated in the healthiest of ways ready to take on more of life adventures! 

Be sure to visit SLOCO Massage the next time you're in San Luis and in need for some TLC. Your body and mind will thank you and have you running back for more. Tell them Jamie sent you and sends a friendly hello!


Jamie Rae

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