Riverbench Winery

Riverbench Winery


A Santa Maria Valley winery who appreciates it's history, location, and community. Creating wine where hard work and appreciation for the grape can be tasted with each sip since 2006. Located in Santa Maria and Santa Barbara, CA. 

"Riverbench makes wines that are elegant, sophisticated, and representative of our vineyard site."

Riverbench winery should be on every wine lover's "must-visit" lists. It offers unique variations of both Chardonnay and Pinot Noir including both still and sparkling wines. What I love most about this winery is that it's the only winery in Santa Barbara County to grow Pinot Meunier. Pinot Meunier is the third official grape of Champagne, and let me tell you, it makes one tasty glass of bubbly. 

Want to give a fun and festive birthday present, engagement gift, or the perfect holiday drink of choice? Ask Riverbench to coat your bottle of Champagne in glitter! I believe Champagne always tastes better when it sparkles. 

You may be wondering why Riverbench only creates Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. That's due to the geography and climate of their beautiful vineyard site, located in the Santa Maria riverbed. Hence the unique name - Riverbench- located on the flat part after the bank of the Sisquoc River, which is called a bench. 


The customer favorite tends to be the Pinot Noir, but they are most known for their tasteful sparkling wines. The sparkling wines are my favorites as well. 


What I love most about Riverbench winery is their love of the community and the culture found on the Central Coast. They truly care about their customers and providing them with one of a kind wines. The tasting room has a very warm and homey feel to it, as it used to be an old home. Take a seat by the fireplace or outside on their grassy lawn where they host plenty of events. My best friend even hosted her wedding reception at Riverbench winery and it was perfect for their every need! The wood fire pizza oven makes a great touch for your event as well. 

Next time you find yourself in Santa Maria Valley on the wine trail, make a pitstop at Riverbench winery. I promise your love for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir will grow and you will feed the classy wine enthusiast inside you as you find a new appreciation for sparkling wines as well. 


Scroll down to see more pictures from my visit at Riverbench winery in Santa Maria, CA and where to shop the look. 


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